The alarm will go off as quickly because the corona virus arrives, scientists say.

London: Varied measures are being taken around the globe to curb the lethal international epidemic Corona virus.

On this regard, British scientists have claimed to have created a coveted alarm. In accordance with the data acquired from London, the alarm on the roof will point out the presence of the virus within the room inside quarter-hour.

According to media reports The London Faculty of Hygiene and Tropical Medication and the College of Durham have claimed that the results of the alarm system will likely be 98 to 100% correct.

Investigators say the alarm claims are based mostly on preliminary findings, an in depth evaluate stays to be seen.

In accordance with media stories, the alarm will likely be put in in airplanes, lecture rooms, care houses and houses, whereas the presence of the virus within the room will likely be despatched to a pc or cell phone.


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