On the time of figuring out the route of the qiblah, the solar got here simply above the Ka’bah

Makkah: The solar has risen simply above the Kaaba, so Muslims all over the world can decide the proper route of the Qibla.

At 2:18 pm Pakistani time, the solar got here simply above the Kaaba, which eliminated the shadow of the Kaaba. At the moment, the route of the Qibla may be decided within the international locations of the area, together with Pakistan.

To find out the right route of the qiblah, bury a stick vertically on the bottom on the appointed time or select the nook of a constructing. Make the angle straight, this would be the route of Qibla.

Dr. Majid Abu Zahir, head of the Saudi Astronomical Affiliation, says that the Solar seems above the Kaaba as a result of the Kaaba is situated between the equator and the orbit of Most cancers.

Do not forget that the solar strikes from the equator to the orbit of Most cancers throughout its orbit within the month of Might, and because it rotates, the Solar rises above the Ka’bah.

In line with astronomers, the rising of the solar over the Ka’bah is taken into account to be an essential occasion. The solar falls on the Ka’bah twice a 12 months. The solar rises on the Ka’bah for the primary time in a 12 months on Might 27 and the second time on July 15.


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