Hazard for dengue victims prior to now –

Specialists say that individuals who have been contaminated with the dengue virus prior to now have twice the danger of contracting the corona virus.

Based on a research performed in Brazil by a world web site, individuals who have been uncovered to dengue prior to now are twice as prone to develop cod signs when they’re contaminated with the coronavirus.

The research, from the College of S ساo Paulo Institute of Biomedical Sciences, analyzed blood samples from 1,285 folks in a city within the Amazon area of Brazil. Analysis has proven that individuals who have been contaminated with dengue have a a lot increased threat of turning into severely unwell with code 19.

Based on analysis, on the one hand, the prevention of dengue has been affected on account of COD 19, however, the danger of contracting dengue has additionally elevated.

The analysis staff has been working to stop malaria within the area for a while, and in 2018 they started a venture to survey the city’s inhabitants each month. given.

Specialists stated a September 2020 research discovered that areas the place dengue circumstances have been reported extra typically had not more than 19 results.

“Since we had collected blood samples from residents of the area earlier than and after the primary wave of the corona virus epidemic, we determined to check them to see if they’d dengue prior to now,” he stated. People who find themselves uncovered to the virus are protected to some extent by code, however the outcomes are fairly the other.

The blood samples analyzed within the research have been collected in November 2019 and November 2020 and the antibodies in them have been examined in opposition to all kinds of dengue and coronavirus.

The outcomes confirmed that 37% of individuals had contracted dengue earlier than November 2019, whereas 35% had been contaminated with corona earlier than November 2020.

Based on consultants, statistical evaluation concluded that being contaminated with the dengue virus prior to now doesn’t cut back the danger of contracting the illness. He stated that in truth analysis has proven that individuals who have skilled dengue usually tend to develop signs than others when they’re contaminated with coronavirus.


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