Demise of the late footballer Maradona! Medical staff charged with homicide

Buenos Aires: A staff investigating the dying of world-renowned Argentine footballer Diego Maradona has charged seven members of a medical staff, together with a neurosurgeon, with homicide.

Based on overseas media reviews, the dying of the late footballer Maradona was suspected by the Argentine Minister of Well being and a high-level investigation staff was shaped to analyze it.

The investigation staff revealed of their investigation that the lifetime of the legendary footballer may have been saved however as a result of negligence of the medical staff and neurosurgeon, Maradona died.

Prosecutors have charged Maradona’s medical staff and neurosurgeon with homicide for negligence in therapy.

Throughout the raid on the neurosurgeon’s residence and clinic, the investigation staff has gathered sufficient proof to show the physician’s prison error.

The star footballer died of a coronary heart assault two weeks after profitable mind surgical procedure in November final 12 months, prompting investigators to say Maradona’s life was at risk however the medical staff ignored the risk.

The investigation staff mentioned that if the medical staff had not proven negligence within the therapy, Maradona’s life may have been saved as a result of the medical staff knew that the footballer’s life may very well be misplaced if correct therapy was not supplied.

Donna’s death is not natural, it is suicide, the doctor claims

International media say Argentine authorities have banned Maradona’s medical staff and neurosurgeon from touring overseas and will resist 25 years in jail if convicted.


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