Photos of alien craft close to American ships go viral

Washington – The Pentagon has confirmed stories of a flying saucer close to a US Navy fighter jet.

Based on international media stories, a US Navy fighter jet stationed within the US coastal metropolis of San Diego was seen flying mysteriously close to USS Ohama.

The video, recorded in July 2019, went viral on social media on Could 14 after being shared by investigative filmmaker Jeremy Carball, which incorporates a flying saucer.

The video, made by CIC (Fight Data Heart) on July 15, 2019, exhibits a mysterious object flying at 48 miles per hour and 156 miles per hour close to a U.S. Navy ship after which abruptly into the ocean. Disappeared

After the video went viral on social media, the Pentagon confirmed {that a} flying saucer had been noticed close to the USS Ohama three years in the past.

What do US intelligence agencies know about flying saucers? There are few days left to tell

Do not forget that the US intelligence companies should submit a report back to the Congress relating to the alien craft.

Based on media stories, a situation has been laid down within the ‘Committee Feedback’ part of the Intelligence Authority Act for the monetary yr 2021, after which there’s lower than six months left to tell them concerning the alien craft.


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