Harmful moth ate the fish’s tongue! Unbelievable occasion

Cape City: A South African scholar and photographer has created an image of a fish that shocked everybody.

Don Marks, a 27-year-old South African marine life researcher, paints an image of a worm in a fish’s mouth that’s extraordinarily painful.

The blood-sucking leech lives solely in carpenter breeds, which enter the fish’s mouth via the gills and spend the remainder of their lives within the fish’s physique.

The leech enters the physique of the fish and bites its tongue on the veins that carry blood and sucks its blood until the tongue falls. After the tongue of the fish falls, this blood-sucking worm clings to different organs.

Marx instructed the media that when he caught a fish from the ocean, he was shocked to see a leech protruding of his tongue as a result of he had solely learn concerning the insect however had not seen it.

Marx instantly despatched an image of the leech to Professor Nico Smith, a zoologist who had researched various kinds of leeches however had by no means seen or photographed any such leech.

Consultants imagine that the male leech adjustments its intercourse and weight when the carpenter sucks blood from the fish’s tongue, and if a leech is already current within the fish’s physique and a leech enters. It doesn’t stick with the tongue of the fish however stays within the throat.

Marine biologists imagine {that a} carpenter’s fish may have a number of miles and one mile of leech in its physique.


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