When will life in Saudi Arabia be totally restored? The massive information got here

Riyadh: Saudi Guide and Researcher Dr. Bandar Al-Asimi says that if 160,000 folks within the kingdom are vaccinated each day, coronavirus could be totally restored to life from January 23, 2022.

In response to a report by a international information company, Dr. Bandar Al-Asimi has predicted that the life system in Saudi Arabia could be totally restored from January 23, 2022, if the nation’s Ministry of Well being to supply 160,000 folks each day to forestall corona. Vaccinate folks.

The Saudi marketing consultant and researcher, citing its personal graph, stated that in accordance with the Ministry of Well being, 10 million folks have been vaccinated up to now, with a ratio of between 25 and 30 p.c.

He stated that corona vaccination has been began within the nation since December 2020 and in earlier statistics the variety of vaccinators was very low which was 2% however in March the variety of vaccinations elevated sharply to 44. Exceeded one lakh.

The speed of vaccination within the nation has elevated from 8% to 27% from March to April, a complete of about 10 million folks have been vaccinated, which is about 30%.

Dr Bandar al-Asimi added that if 160,000 folks have been vaccinated each day, the immune system can be considerably strengthened and regular life could possibly be restored.


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