People were frightened by human feet floating on the shore with the waves.

What if you go to the beach for fun and there you see a jogger with a human foot inside? A similar horrific situation has been happening to American and Canadian citizens for some time.

According to the international website, human legs amputated since August 20, 2007 in the coastal areas of the Salisbury Sea in the United States and Canada have been washed away by the waves.

By the way, the human feet that flow with the waves on any beach shake the heart, but between 2007 and 2019, 21 feet with shoes were discovered in this coastal region.

The detached legs were discovered by people who came to the shore and until now it was a mystery why this is happening, but scientists have now solved this mystery or at least this is their claim.

First, on August 20, 2007, a 12-year-old girl spotted a blue-and-white jogger on the shores of Jadeedha, an island in British Columbia. The girl peeked inside her shoe and found a sock inside. It had a foot.

Six days later, a couple was walking on the nearby island of Gabrola when they saw a black and white jogger with a rotting leg inside.

Both shoes were 12 in size and were on the right foot, so it was clear that they belonged to 2 different people. The incident stunned police and local officials told the media at the time that both legs were rotten but had meat on them.

Police said that finding two legs in such a short time is quite shocking, thus the probability of finding a single leg is one percent out of one million, but the discovery of two is astonishing.

The following year, five more feet were discovered off the nearby Canadian coast in 2008, sparking fears as media speculation grew, such as whether a serial killer was roaming free, an enemy of feet.

Over the next 12 years, a total of 15 feet were discovered on Canadian beaches and 6 feet on shore in the United States.

This pair of joggers is very popular and has a page of its own on Wikipedia. This popularity has led to an increase in rumors, while some people have started filling chicken bones in their shoes and leaving them on Canadian shores.

Some thought it was the work of mafia groups that were disposing of the bodies. People contacted the police and expressed their views on the issue.

According to police officials, we found interesting details about the serial killers or were told that containers full of migrants were at the bottom of the sea. But such mysteries require scientific investigation rather than police.

Various questions like why are only feet floating on the beach instead of the whole body and why are they being discovered only on a specific coastline? Scientists have now given the answer.

According to experts, this is not the work of an unknown serial killer who hates joggers, but a simple reason behind this puzzle and that is a change in the shoe industry.

Learn a few key points before making this change so that scientists can more easily understand the explanation.

When a person dies in the sea due to accident or suicide, the body either floats or drowns.

If it swims, the wind blows it to the surface and it quickly reaches the shore, while in case of drowning it can stay in one place.

It may be hard to believe, but if there is air in the lungs, the body is more likely to float, while bodies like empty lungs are more likely to drown. Especially if their bodies are covered with heavy clothing or their lungs are filled with water, the body sinks and reaches the bottom.

Yazdjian, a researcher at the Corners Service, worked hard on the puzzle, saying that high water pressure in deep water prevents corpses from flowing.

There is a different kind of bacteriological process that turns the body’s tissues into a fatty substance called adiposera which can last for years and even centuries in a low oxygen environment.

Yazdjian saw something similar in the feet discovered in the Salish Sea and looked at Oedipusere on it, which suggests that after the body sank, he was submerged during decomposition, which explains why he drowned and They remain trapped, but then shouldn’t the legs also remain attached to the body?

“We think we now know what happened in each of these cases,” said Corners Service researcher Barb McClantock.

In an interview, he said that when more feet were washed ashore in 2016, there was no evidence that they were the result of a murder, but that there was an alternative and acceptable explanation.

He said that when someone drowns in the sea and reaches the bottom, carrion-eaters rush towards him.

But these carnivores eat very slowly and prefer the soft parts of the body to the hard ones, and the soft parts of human beings include the ankles.

The ankles are made up of soft tissues and bones. When they are chewed by these carrion eaters, the feet separate quickly before the carcass is more thawed.

Simply put, the whole body sinks, but the legs are separated from the body by the fish that swim to shore.

But the question that may come to mind here is why this was not the case before 2007, due to advances in joggers technology in recent years.

Such shoes are now made of softer foam and have air pockets.

Barb McLintock said that the reason this has not happened in the past is that there have never been running shoes that can swim so well, so even the first legs were confined to the seabed with the body.


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