Husband’s unique way of terrorizing wife, caught by police, video goes viral –

MUMBAI: In India, a husband used a unique method to make his wife happy and terrified on her wedding anniversary, but this method cost him dearly. Police took notice of the video released on social media and arrested the accused.

In the Aurangabad area of ​​the Indian state of Maharashtra, the husband cut a cake with a sword on the occasion of his wedding anniversary. He had also video-recorded the whole incident, but the move cost him dearly. His plan took him straight to the police station.

The video of the cake being cut with a sword was also shared on social media. As soon as the news reached the police, immediate action was taken and the husband was jailed.

Local police arrested him on charges of illegal possession of firearms. The custom of cutting cakes with a sword is now common in society. The youth use such tactics to spread fear and panic in the society.

Police often take action against such people. Three months ago today, police arrested an accused for cutting a cake with a sword in a public place in Poona. The accused’s name was Sameer Anant Dhamale. The accused had cut the cake with an old-fashioned sword at the beach intersection.

In addition, last year there was a case of cutting a cake with a sword. The accused then cut the cake with a DJ and waving his sword. At that time, the police had arrested an accused named Rohan Bell Hacker.


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