How much will corona vaccination reduce the risk of spreading the virus? –

US experts have predicted, based on a model’s prediction, that cod vaccination would help control the spread of the corona virus.

According to an international website, a study conducted in the United States said that increasing the rate of cod vaccination is helpful in reducing the number of cases of coronavirus and controlling it.

Experts have developed a computer model that can accurately predict the rate of COD 19 cases nationwide. The study found that vaccinations in the US state of Minnesota made a significant difference in the number of positive cases and deaths.

The study, published in the medical journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings, found that predictive computer models could predict future cases based on the speed of vaccination.

Using this model, the researchers estimated that more than 800 patients could be admitted to the ICU if there was no vaccination in Minnesota this spring.

The estimate also took into account new strains of the coronavirus and doubled the number of patients in the ICU since December 1.

The study said that if 75 per cent of the state was vaccinated in early April, the number of patients undergoing treatment in hospitals and ICUs would be significantly reduced by July.

The researchers said that the high rate of vaccination would reduce the number of cod cases and patients in the hospital.


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