How much did people’s incomes decrease in the Corona epidemic? Important report released –

WASHINGTON: Every second person in the world lost income during the Corona epidemic, according to a new Gallup survey.

According to a recent Gallup poll, the biggest drop in income during the Corona epidemic was in Thailand, while every other person in the world saw a drop in income during the deadliest global epidemic.

According to a Gallup poll, the biggest drop in income was in Thailand, where people’s monthly wages fell by 76 per cent, while the lowest was in Switzerland, where it was 10 per cent.

Gallup estimates that the decline in incomes has affected 1.6 billion people worldwide, with poorer countries more affected by the Corona epidemic and more affected women than men.

The country whose corona could do no harm

Gallup polled 300,000 people in 117 countries for the survey.

The Corona epidemic has so far killed 3.2 million, 27,200 people in 220 countries and territories worldwide, while the virus has infected a total of 154.197 million people, including 131.6 million and 17,000 patients have recovered.


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