Forty days of hunger mission, V-Lager starves to loss of life

MOSCOW (Reuters) – After experiencing a 40-day starvation strike in Russia, Vlavi Lager fell right into a deep sleep because of hunger.

Russian media Reports In keeping with the report, Viger Niger, a veteran from Russia, shared a video on his YouTube channel, claiming that he might dwell for 40 days with out consuming or ingesting.

To substantiate this declare, Viegranovsky launched into a mission of hunger in March, wherein he failed miserably and died.

It’s mentioned that V-Lager went to the forest to meet his mission and that’s the place he was primarily based. Folks had been shocked by Viegranowski’s declare and suggested him to not give a sensible instance as a result of the state of affairs could possibly be critical.

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In keeping with media experiences, V-Lager suffered a concussion in the course of the experiment, which made it very tough for him to stroll.


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