Dangerous revelations regarding youth

Scientists have revealed that young patients with corona may have an increased risk of stroke.

Healthy people and young people are less likely to have a stroke, but they can also have a stroke if they develop corona. The study, published in the medical journal Stroke, found that young Corona patients had a higher risk of stroke than their peers.

The research, conducted by 89 researchers from 136 institutions around the world, looked at data from coronavirus patients who suffered strokes and other serious mental illnesses after being admitted to hospital. The researchers also reviewed the MRI tests of the patients.

The study found that in at least 71 of the 136 medical centers in 32 countries, one patient suffered a stroke after being hospitalized or discharged from the epidemic. Similarly, 323 out of 432 patients had arteries connecting the brain and heart and became paralyzed.

While 91 suffered hemorrhage and 18 suffered cerebral artery blockage.

Experts say that the blockage of the nerves that connect the brain and heart of young people is more worrying because there were no such elements, which shows that Corona is associated with paralysis.

The study also found that 144 of the 380 patients had no symptoms but were suffering from corona and that the epidemic was identified by hospitalization after paralysis.

What medical complications can the corona virus cause?

Scientists warn that research suggests a link between corona virus and stroke in young patients, which may be the result of blocked arteries, and our research could help determine the cause of stroke. Specialists can discover a cure.

Keep in mind that this research is considered to be the largest and most comprehensive medical research ever.


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