Big news, IPL postponed –

New Delhi: The IPL in India has been postponed due to the severity of the Karuna epidemic.

According to the details, the Corona epidemic has put a brake on the IPL in India. After the increase in Crona cases among players and officials, the BCCI has decided to postpone the league indefinitely.

Rajiv Shukla, vice-president of the Indian Cricket Board, said in a statement that the IPL has been postponed indefinitely. The BCCI says several players playing in the IPL have been diagnosed with the corona virus.

Yesterday, two players of Calcutta Knight Riders and three members of the supporting staff of Chennai Super Kings tested positive for corona, which could not be matched.

It is to be noted that due to the wrath of Corona virus in India, besides Australian players Andrew Tie, Ken Richardson and Adam Zampa, Arashun and 2 umpires have also left the IPL.

Despite Karuna’s deteriorating situation in India, the organizers faced strong criticism for continuing the private league. Andrew Tye, who left the league and returned to his homeland, objected that if companies in India are not getting hospitals for the treatment of corona patients, then why are companies and corporates spending so much on the IPL?

Concerns were raised even before the league started, but despite the severity of the corona in India, the BCCI upheld the writ of non-compliance and endangered the lives of the players. The league started on April 9, however. Now the Indian Cricket Board is on its knees in front of Karuna.

Karuna is currently in a frenzy in India, with more than 300,000 cases being reported for two consecutive weeks. The situation in other states including New Delhi, Maharashtra, UP, West Bengal is alarming. More than 300,000 new cases were reported, while 3,449 people died.


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