Amazing Pictures of the Stones of Heaven and the Place of Abraham Released –

The clearest images of the site of Abraham and the Black Stone, made with the latest technology, have been released.

According to the details, the various departments of Masjid-ul-Haram have been photographed with the latest technology in collaboration with the Department of Engineering Studies and Planning. Experts have skillfully created 1,050 images of the Black Stone and the site of Ibrahim.

The administration of the two holy shrines released the clearest images of the site of Ibrahim and the Black Stone. The resolution of the images is 45,000 megapixels.

According to the head of the Shawwan al-Harmain, the images, created using a photography technique called ‘Focus Stack Panorama’, were photographed for seven hours and took about 50 hours to collect.

As soon as these photos were shared on social media, most of the users commented on the beauty of this stone. Someone said, “Thank God, now I can see the Black Stone in super resolution.”

The Black Stone has historical significance for Muslims, and those who circumambulate the Kaaba for Umrah and Hajj must kiss the stone, but due to the rush, the blessed stone can also be kissed with a hand gesture.


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